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**  Members:  Sept 4th.     This is the next CPR & SS meeting at 7:30 PM.   See Meetings page.**

**  September 6th:      Next train RUN DAY at Carillon Park    1 to 4 PM    **

** The subsequent train run day will be on SUNDAY   September 14th  during the Dayton Concours d’Elegance.  See the Dayton History website for additional details regarding the car show.

 **   New:  Pictures from Locomotive 765′s Open House held on August 16 & 17, 2014 have been added to the Photos page.  **

The Carillon Park Rail & Steam Society builds, operates and promotes a sub-scale railroad in the Carillon Historical Park and promotes 7 1/2 inch gauge activities at model train shows. Carillon Park is privately-endowed and open to the public for a nominal entrance fee. The Society members finance and build railroad structures and trackage which becomes the property of the Park upon installation. As the primary source of income, the Society sells family riding memberships to the public for a modest fee ($10 per family for the riding season). The Society has also instituted a one day riding pass for $1 donation per person. The Society owns some rolling stock and maintenance equipment and members own equipment also.

What We Do

The primary activity of the Society is cultural and historical as the railroad represents a small version of the type that contributed to the growth of the region. All locomotive types, steam, electric and diesel, are used to pull trains loaded with family members around the trackage. Facilities common to railroads such as trestles, bridges, tunnels, turntable, switches, loading platform and maintenance building are demonstrated on operating days. The track has been in operation since 1985 and the Society has been re-licensed as a State of Ohio non-profit organization since 1996. Any responsible member of the general public who has an interest in the historical significance of railroading in the U.S. may join the Society.

The second activity of the Society is educational and instructional as the members describe the operation of the railroad to the general public as they are boarding the trains.

Another significant activity involves school children who visit the Park on field trips. Groups which register ahead receive a short lecture on the historical significance of railroading to the region and safety requirements, are shown the three types of locomotive power and equipment and facilities involved, are exposed to professional opportunities in the industry and given a train ride. Science, math and engineering disciplines are emphasized.

The last activity of the Society is promotion of the hobby of scale model trains. Scale models are built or purchased by the members who bring them to the Park for operation for the general public. All three types of power are used and some rolling stock (locomotives and cars) are owned by the members.

Fund raising is primarily by membership dues and small donations during train shows. Large donations have been equipment except for a start-up fund donated by the Park in 1984 to build trackage and an equipment maintenance facility. All funds have been raised by members without compensation. The Society has no fund-raising committee- the Board of Directors is responsible for all financial results.

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